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Strategic Plan
Our vision for Mount Compass Area School students.

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Context Statement

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External Review Report June 2016

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Annual Report

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School Improvement Plan Summary 2022-2024

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A Word About

Our School Ethos

Mount Compass Area School is a Reception to Year 12 community oriented school where excellent teaching in a safe, motivating environment develops confident, resilient and socially responsible citizens.

Our Vision for Mount Compass Area School students is that they will graduate, able to:

  • Make a difference by having the commitment and skills to contribute as an active, environmentally responsible citizen in their local and global communities
  • Seize opportunities by having the confidence and self-esteem to live and work creatively and flexibly and a willingness to participate in life-long learning
  • Work independently and with others by having the tolerance, self-motivation, organisation, and inter-personal and team skills to effectively undertake a range of tasks independently and as an effective group member
  • Live life to the full by having the sense of personal responsibility and skills to live and work with enthusiasm and resilience and by having a sense of direction and the ability to work persistently to achieve their goals

Connect by having the skills in information literacy, listening, speaking, reading, writing and viewing to effectively communicate with others
In support of the successful achievement of our mission MCAS underpins its action with the strategy Building Learning Power.


Rigorous learning occurs when the learning is safe

This means teachers:

  • Develop positive relationships with their students
  • Develop skills in students that create self-directed learners with a growth-mindset
  • Take responsibility for students success in partnership with students and parent

Rigorous learning occurs when we develop expert learners

This means teachers:

  • Explicitly embed Building learning Power strategies in all learning aspects
  • Ensure learning is connected to learners’ experiences and transfers across learning areas where applicable
  • Develop critical thinking skills in students to improve learning outcomes

Rigorous learning occurs when we personalise and connect learning

This means teachers:

  • Know and plan for students’ personal, social and emotional, cultural and educational learning needs
  • Create opportunities for students to assess their own and others’ performance in real context against agreed standards
  • Build connections with the local/wider community into the learning process

Rigorous learning occurs when we understand how we and others learn

This means teachers:

  • See themselves as lifelong learners and display passion for learning
  • Continue to improve teaching skills through engagement in ongoing Performance Development that is based on current learning theory and best practice
  • Critically reflect on their own practice and seek feedback

RESPECT: Respect ourselves, others, our school and its community

  • Listen to students, parents and staff with empathy
  • Implement pedagogies that demand excellence within our learning community
  • Liaise, communicate and present in a manner that is reflective of the ideals of our profession
  • Remain conscious of what we say about our work, our clients, and where and how we say it
  • Hold each other accountable for teaching and learning that grows every learner
  • Accept “difference” as a positive quality

PARTICIPATE: Actively engage in the learning process

  • Engaging in learning that challenges, extends and stimulates a need to know more
  • Giving permission to respectfully change situations that contravene our school values
  • As leaders of learning, actively participate in decision making
  • Punctual and compassionate participation; everyone’s time is equally important
  • Accept the challenge to speak on and contribute to aspects that impact on our school
  • Inspire students to be intrinsically responsible for their learning

ACHIEVE: Inspire each other to achieve personal excellence and value the achievement of others

  • Acknowledge and celebrate the achievement of colleagues and their practices
  • Create an environment of excellence through quality staff performance development
  • Welcome self-reflection and colleague/student feedback as an essential part of our daily practice
  • Take the time to enjoy the experience of working with and helping others
  • Ensure that our core business of teaching and learning remains at the forefront of our accomplishments

Mount Compass Area School leaders commit to:

  • Leading with professional expectations that demand excellence
  • Creating the ideal environment for staff to perform at their optimum
  • Implementing professional conversations and staff reflections that are data driven
  • Articulating feedback to ensure continuous improvement
  • Fostering a scope and vision for the future