Three Way Interviews (between student/parent/teacher) for students in Year 7 – 10 have been scheduled for Tuesday 7th May & Wednesday 8th May from 3.30 – 7.00pm.  Interviews will be conducted in the Middle School and are of 10 minutes duration.

To coordinate the interviews, we are using the Day Map booking system to assist parents in securing their preferred interview times. The procedure is as follows:

  • If you wish to see any of your child’s teachers, you need to secure an appointment time using Day Map.
  • If you do not have access to the internet you can call the school office to organise a booking.
  • The booking system will be accessible from Thursday 11th April at 5pm through to 3rd May at 5pm. No interview requests will be accepted outside of these times.
  • Information on how to use the Day Map booking system is attached.

To assist you in planning your bookings, I have provided you with a table that identifies subjects, year levels and the teacher associated with them.


Year 7 (M4) Year 7 (M3) Year 8 Year 8/9 Year 9 Year 10
Pastoral Care Lara Davis Sandy Oosterwegel Luke Mount Kristen Ford Nathan Sinclair Trish Bouveng

Chad Gramola

Adele Mastroyannis

English Lara Davis Lara Davis Karen Roberts Lara Davis Lara Davis Caitlin Potter

John Scholz

Maths MLG – Specific Teacher MLG – Specific Teacher MLG – Specific Teacher MLG – Specific Teacher MLG – Specific Teacher Sarah Wilkinson

Vincent Nizzola

Sciences Adele Mastroyannis Adele Mastroyannis Adele Mastroyannis Chad Gramola Heidi Lindavies Jak Haggett

Heidi Lindavies

HASS Sandy Oosterwegel Sandy Oosterwegel Caitlin Potter Karen Roberts Sandy Oosterwegel Karen Roberts
PE/Health Nathan Sinclair

Luke Mount

Nathan Sinclair Nathan Sinclair Sam Blake Sam Blake Sam Blake

Nathan Sinclair

Agriculture Kiara Edwards Kiara Edwards Kiara Edwards
Arts Kristen Ford Kristen Ford Kristen Ford Kristen Ford
Design & Technology Chad Gramola Trish Bouveng


Trish Bouveng


Trish Bouveng


Food & Hospitality Adele Mastroyannis Luke Mount Luke Mount
PLP Sam Blake

Caitlin Potter

Continued collaboration between school and home is paramount in setting up our students for a successful year ahead.  I therefore encourage all families to take this opportunity to meet with teachers.

Please contact Mr Blake (Senior School) and Mr Nizzola (Middle School) if you have any queries or concerns regarding these dates.